"Ashlynn helped me to create a vision that I had from a wedding photo I took, but had no idea how to execute on the editing end in Photoshop. I was able to communicate in a few words what I was looking for, and she executed it perfectly and beautifully. She will be my new go to person for any editing I need to have completed for clients!"
Brandy Young of B Young Forever Photography
"Ashlynn is a headstrong person who always got the job done, if I had any questions she was always happy to help but more importantly she was a team player always going above and beyond her job title and her work and designs showed that. Ashlynn would be a great addition to any company she works for."
Song Douangdara, Co-Worker at Lollipop Web Promotions and IDS Web Design
" Ashlynn was amazing. She took a vague concept I had and helped me bring it to life in an amazing business logo. She was so patient and listened to every request I had and always came back with suggestions. Working with her was a great experience and I cannot wait to design more with her in the future. "
Jean Wolford of Jean Wolford Photography
"I learned Ashlynn was branching out from photography, but doing editing and design as well. It didn't surprise me. Ashlynn has such an inquisitive eye for anything that involves a camera and a computer. She is such a genuine person that puts everything she has into making your work one to look at and feel great about. 4 years ago she photo-shopped my Father in-laws face on his favorite Red Sox player. He loves it and thanks me every time I see him as it sits in his legal office. She's definitely my go to girl for advice on editing techniques and bettering even my photography. A few months ago Ashlynn designed me an incredible logo that fits my photography business well. It portrays me well along with my business. So I've been told from a customer. Her work is one in a million and I can't wait to use her services in the future and I will definitely refer her to anyone who asks!! "
Natasha Funk of Funk Photography Studios
"Ashlynn Green Photography provides exceptional service. She took my college graduation pictures and family portraits at the last minute and was able to give me proofs within days while I was out on the road.
She really has a talent to work with large group pictures, especially with younger children too. She excels in both photography and videography. She should be your number one choice when it comes to your photography/videography needs."
AJ Buruca of Havenlight
"I have hired Ashlynn several times. She has always been professional with great communication skills and fast turnaround."
Brooklyn Whitton of Ivory Woods Studios
" Ashlynn was responsive & professional. Her work was exceptional and she delivered extremely fast. I will be hiring her for future projects! "
Cherise White of White Fox Photo
"I have worked with Ashlynn several times. She is an excellent communicator and her work is amazing. I highly recommend her work and services."
Anika Fatouros of Anika Fatouros Photography
"Ashlynn was as so great and professional to work with! She was able to put together my logo in scorching fast time so I could meet a completely unreasonable deadline. She was able to make the changes I wanted quickly and perfectly to match my vision. I absolutely love my new logo!"
Kelly Marshall Hildebrandt of Lighted Path Portraits
"Ashlynn is wonderful! She did a retouch on a photo that I was struggling deeply with and now I can present my client with a gorgeous photo! She was kind and professional and worked until it was what I needed. I'll definitely come back to her!"
Nicole Maddalone of Nicole Maddalone Photography
"Ashlynn is very talented and professional. I highly recommend her for any job she sets her mind to!"
Elise Nelson, Author and Co-Worker at Amberjack Publishing
"Ashlynn was another producer I was able to work with on our team in Scroll Digital and she was such an asset. She is such a hard worker and really tries to help you fix every problem that arises to the best of her ability. She was great to watch teach students how to use equipment as well as put together a complete, interesting story. She also works hard to learn anything that she doesn't know so she is always our go-to for questions. Ashlynn can put a smile on anyone's face and it would be in any employer's best interest to have her aboard."
Ashley Anderson, Co-worker at Scroll Digital
"I think she does amazing work editing my photos. If they don't seem so great SOOC she can save them. And make good photos look great. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆"
Mia Karlsson from Sweden
"I have never used anyone to help me edit my images. But I had a tough image and thought I would give Ashlynn a try. I was amazed at how beautiful my images turned out given what Ashlynn had to work with. She was very accommodating and made sure I was 100% happy with my images. I will definitely use her expertise in the future."
Deinna Mayer-Cervera from Wisconsin
"So incredible to work with Ashlynn! She got back to me quickly and gave me exactly what i wanted and more. I will definitely be coming back and working with Ashlynn again."
Elizabeth Primeau from USA
"Ashlynn was a great intern for mormon.org. She always had great ideas and was very willing to do what was needed."
John Dye, Superviser at Mormon.org
"I've had the opportunity to work with Ashlynn on several collaborative assignments. There were also a few personal assignments I had that she was generous enough to help me with when I struggled with design concepts. I find her to be an apex teacher and an extremely creative person. Her skills with design and interpersonal communication exceed most her age, and I always look forward to opportunities to work with her. She understands how to produce and recognize excellent work, and I would be pleased to work with her at any time. She would most certainly be a great asset to any group, business, or academic endeavor. She is very generous with her time, and I have never asked for help from her and not received it. She is one of the best workers I know."
Adam Farnes, Fellow Advertising Student at BYU-Idaho
"Ashlynn helped me with the editing of some newborn photos. She did a great job. She was committed to getting the photos in a timely manner. She was more than happy to make additional edits when I needed extra modifications."
Cara Eisenberg Swider of Cara Swider Photography

"Ashlynn was and is one of the hardest and most detailed person I've ever had the opportunity to work with. Her friendly attitude and great smile made everyone want to work with her and around her. She always had a positive attitude and never complained. Every one of her reporters loved her, including those she was not in charge of. I'm very proud of the opportunity I had to with Ashlynn Green and would do it again without hesitation."
Craig Handy, Co-Worker at Scroll Digital
"Ashlynn was a student in both my Intro to Broadcasting Class and Broadcast Performance Class that I teach at Brigham Young University Idaho. She truly has a passion for broadcasting and video production that was evident in her outstanding work in my classes. She is knowledgeable, motivated, smart and enjoyable to work with. I am happy to give her my full recommendation."
Jay Hildebrandt, News Anchor at KIFI Channel 8 in Idaho Falls and Teacher
"Ashlynn is one of the most hard working people I know. As a producer who worked with her, she was always on top of the game and provided new story ideas to help her colleges out and made sure she finished all of her work on time. I knew I could trust Ashlynn with any task that I wanted to accomplish because of her self-sufficient and reliable attitude. She is a person that I know I can count on. She is dedicated."
Andrea Olson, Co-Worker at Scroll Digital
"During my time working with Ashlynn, I quickly noticed not only how skilled and extremely attentive to detail Ashlynn is, but how everything she does is done with a smile. Ashlynn has a creative mind and knows how to implement her ideas successfully into great products. She is multi-talented and has so many dimensions as to what she can do. Whether she is working a switchboard in a broadcasting studio or writing an article to go alongside video, she knows what she's doing and she has the heart for it. I recommend Ashlynn for any position, as she is a tireless worker who puts the people she works for before anything else and is a true class act."
Kayla Scofield, Superviser at Scroll Digital
"Ashlynn has a lot of experience in the broadcasting field. I was always impressed with all the hard work she had done previous to working with her. She is always trying new things and doesn't let anything stop her from progressing. She always has and always will go the extra mile."
Denise Harding, Co-Worker at Scroll Digital
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